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Mobile Apps -

DDI provides different kinds of mobile apps such as Android and IOS and has introduced to Lebanon the mobile web app as a better alternative to the native apps.

Why web apps?

Native apps:

As the mobile and tablet market grows, the war between the major companies for better hardware and better software grows, each brand developing their own operating system to compete against each other.
Business companies which would like to reach the maximum number of users through their mobiles are forced to develop the same mobile app in several different versions for each operating system. They also have to develop for different screen sizes for example a tablet version and a mobile version. Then they have to think of which layout to use for their app: landscape or portrait. If they want both, they need to develop different graphical interface for each.

In the final phase, after all the time and cost of development, the hardware vendor, for example Apple, will have to check the app and approve it before it is allowed to be listed on their store. If approval is not given, the app will never become live. Iphones for example cannot download apps except from the Apple Store. So unless the app is approved by Apple, iphone users will never get the chance to see the app.  To make things worse, every vendor like Apple, Google, Ovi and the rest, clean up their stores every few months, and delete all apps that have not enjoyed enough downloads, literally throwing away thousands of apps by deleting them from their database without any notice.

All the above is doubling and tripling the costs of development, which in the end is resulting in less companies developing apps, as the final cost may not be justified by small or medium size companies.
All the above has given rise to the need for business companies to have an alternative solution to benefit from the mobile boom, without the need to develop 5 different versions of apps, and without being under the mercy of the hardware manufacturer of the mobiles and tablets, and thus the web app was born.

Web App:
The web app is the solution for all the above problems of native apps. In short, one version fits all, it works on any smart mobile phone with internet connection, works on all tablets of any size or make, and does not need approval of any vendor, and is not under the control of any store. The cost is for developing one version instead of 2, 3 or more versions, thus the price has become affordable to all companies of any size.

The above has given web apps a great popularity amongst the business community worldwide, and DDI is proud to be amongst the first to bring this new technology to the Middle East, making the web apps available to all business companies of any size, because we believe that mobile apps are a very effective marketing tool that can be used to increase clients loyalty, bring new clients and improve customer support.
Our web apps feature:
·        Graphical interface that is easy to navigate and gives instant access to the info the user is looking for
·        Design resizes to fit any device both portrait and landscape
·        Appealing designs with professional look and feel that enhances the user experience
·        Custom pages with text and images
·        Contact forms results sent by email
·        Attractive Photo Gallery
·        Image Slider
·        Locations on Google map
·        Product / Service list pages
·        Categories > sub categories > items with details and images
·        Online Mobile order and shopping cart
·        Click to Call
·        Click to Email
·        Video Gallery (linked from youtube)
·        Show and hide featured page
·        Intro Splash page
·        ability to read from your website database through integration
·        Automatic Mobile Redirection from your website to the app if your website is being viewed on a device
·        QR codes for promotion and easy access to your app
·        Your own domain used as the web app url
·        Social Sharing
·        Push Notifications (for native apps only)

DDI also develops native apps Android and IOS and upload to Google Play and Apple Store.

Advantages of web apps:
-         Works on all kinds of mobiles and tablets without the need to develop several versions for each different operating system
-         Saves on development cost, since only one version is needed
-         Nothing to download
-         Uses no storage on device
-         Immediate update from web without need to download any update app, resulting in updated live data
-         Can save the logo on mobile or tablet home for future easy access
-         Can scan a QR and open app immediately
-         Can have more data and images than native app because of no downloads
-         Easily maintained and updated
-         Does not need approval from Apple or Google, giving you full control of what to have in your app
-         Does not need to be uploaded to Google Play or Apple Store for people to access it, can be accessed immediately from your domain or from QR
-         Search engine friendly
-         Cannot use push notification

If you need push notifications, then DDI can develop the Android and IOS versions as well for your app with the push notification, and upload to Google Play and Apple store.